Sunday, March 6, 2011

Journey to Wurzburg...

Life is full of surprises.Every passing moment always have somthing for you. I have travelled Wurzburg on 5th March along with few of my office colleagues. This was my first journey outside Nuremberg in 2011. We have purchased the tickets and board the train. Everything was well and i was enjoying the train journey. Suddenly one of my colleague has asked me how did i come to Bangalore? Everthing has flash back in front of my eyes,a journey which i started in 2000. Was in last year of BSc., invovled in fun, freaking out with friends, was not serious at all about the career . Was not sure how to answer my colleague, how did i reach here. Never mind my colleague didn't ask me again the same question.
We got down from the train first visited the church and then Wurzburg castle everyone was engrossed in taking snaps. It was all fun everyone was cracking jokes and enjoying sighseeing. There is nothing unusal i could find in castle, except the few pictures which made me think about life again, picture was of demolition of wuzburg in 16th March 1945. I realized how much disaster happened in 1945 world war, and how they have overcome. We came out from castle and start walking on the roads of Wurzburg near to river.
Thought of from where and how did i come here start crawling in my mind again. Lot has happened in these 11 years of life, (sanmacs) Delhi , (VIT) vellore, (CSS) Chennai and then in Bangalore. Love, Friends, hate, fight, break-up and then family lot i have seen in these 11 years. I was finding quite difficult to answer my colleague question.
Nonetheless we all have walked the road and reached to the city centre of Wurzburg. As we entered in city-centre i was greeted with surprise one person was standing with glass of wine. As i have moved forward , saw many people were drinking. My other colleagues have followed me. After a walk to city-centre we have gone to another castle, it was completely deserted other than our group couldn't find single one. At the top of castle we could see whole city. City was looking beautiful in moon-light and in dim light of street bulbs.
Finally at the end, we stared walking towards railway station and i realized it might be last time for me in Wurzburg, i might never come back to Wurzburg in life. This thought has filled me with nostalgic feeling. I somewhere experinced that's how I have passed my through out life. Few of the relations are ended without even giving the last long farewell. All through my journey back to Nuremberg i was keep thinking about all people with them i am not in touch anymore. All those people who really meant alot for me....
In evening 8:40 we reached nuremberg station , I said bye to everyone and came back home. Whole day walk made me tired. I just went to bed and slept.. For another day..another unfinished jouney.

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