Thursday, June 12, 2008

Life is an exam..where there is no time for revision

One birth, life and death, humans start passing their life in struggle. Like a candle, to enlighten its boundaries,candle starts burning. People in dark find the way in candle-flame. But they never try to know when a candle is over and never think its required too. Instead lighten-up another one.

But don't forget even if candle-flame is over, it leaves wax around. So as we, humans always leave memories behind . Never try to understand the value of people when they are around.


priya said...

A very nice way of putting forward your thoughts and facts of life , enjoyed reading it , Good one :)

amrita said...

Nice one Saurabh :),lot of depth in ur thinking..good going! looking forward to ur further posts..keep blogging

AMRENDRA said...

Saurabh Bhaiya,I knew You had this depth on Marian Trench in your thoughts ,Better late than Never Its has surfaced and I would say the candle is really burning to its hightest Candella Levels.But It has to burn - burn and burn till readers exist !! A superb observation and pristine depiction!!! KUDOSE !!!!!

(Keep Adding such blob! I am keeping this as a collection in my gmail : nahi to kal kocopy right act mein fas sakta hoon main :) }

shalini said...

from wher hav u writn these lines. Nice to c u copyin briliant quotes.
but ideas are gud n i apreciat.
the ideas.
not u.
wax is alwaz left bt of no use. people buy new candle to light the space .
ans my question

100RABH Saxena said...

Never be, its upto us how we take it.A glass filled with water,Some would call it the glass half-full/half-empty.So as wax,can treat it waste or can re-utilize.

Life is full of memories, each passed moment leave some fragrance in life.Either we use its fragrance to add spice in life or we can forget leaving it as bad moment.