Saturday, June 23, 2012

Definition of happiness!!!

Happiness!! Sometimes i really wonder, what make people happy? A lot of incidents in life touches your heart, lot hurt you. In a day we come across many such things. Everyone of us, have different definitions of happiness.Few incidents could be, bonus amount is big - happy, Saturday evening party-happy. There are lot of small things which can make you happy at the same time many small things can hurt you. Today is special day for me which has taught me enough to cherish my life.

As usual my day started early, improper rest in last night made me lethargic.Somehow I convinced myself to leave bed. As per my morning schedule, I dressed up and started walking towards GYM. On my way from home to GYM there are many construction sites. Morning time generally you will hear yelling of labours children, work in those construction sites. I choose to ignore and continued walking. I reached GYM and started workout. All the while just one thought, how Almighty can give me this punishment. Why have I been suffering like this, Is this a reward of my honesty? I was wondering why other people who never be honest have any problem. Anyway somehow i finished my work-out and started walking towards my home. But i think GOD has listened to me and answered my questions.

There was something very unusual, a grey maruthi van had stopped in front of construction site. There were two people sitting in van, one middle aged lady and a man of nearly of same age. First I was wondering why they stopped at this deserted place. I stopped for a moment and to my surprise many kids of labours run towards van, i think kids knows them. Very next event had throbbed me. Lady started throwing some food to those kids, and all kids started fighting for that food. People sitting inside van started enjoying that moment. As soon as those kids finished thrown food, lady and man, thrown some more food and watched how kids were fighting for that food. Lady was giggling and enjoying how kids were struggling for that food. It continued for ten minutes.You can call me emotional fool or idiot, but tears rolled out of my eyes. I wished, i could do something for them., but in our country there are many kids like that.

I thanked GOD from bottom of my heart and promised myself never to give up for any difficult situation. I really see happiness is within. You can choose to be happy in any difficult situation or can give up. For kids happiness was in eating food, for people sitting in van happiness was watching some people in pain. I promised to myself I will never try to find happiness in anyone pain. After all someone has said "Some cause happiness wherever they go ; others whenever they go" Choice is yours :)