Sunday, August 10, 2008

Never be a mirror of your own shadow

The best teacher of life is time. Every passing moment gives the experience of yourself. As the times grows we get to know more about ourself and shockingly but well said we find it difficult to face ourself than anyone-else. I really find it difficult to be a mirror to my own shadow...Every now and then I follow route on which if some one else walks I disgust them..The best thing which can describe you is the way you carry relationship..Everyday we meet so many people behave with them either cheerfully or rudely or politely...Depending mostly on our mood .Did you always thought if you encounter with same treatment how will you feel .. The best thing of the relation is we never know when it will end and worst thing it can be any day.

To be continued.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Life is an exam..where there is no time for revision

One birth, life and death, humans start passing their life in struggle. Like a candle, to enlighten its boundaries,candle starts burning. People in dark find the way in candle-flame. But they never try to know when a candle is over and never think its required too. Instead lighten-up another one.

But don't forget even if candle-flame is over, it leaves wax around. So as we, humans always leave memories behind . Never try to understand the value of people when they are around.